Welcome to Cerner Direct

Cerner Direct is Cerner Corporation's Health Information Service Provider (HISP). Our DTAAP accredited solutions facilitate replacement of non-secure communication methods (e.g. fax, phone, instant messaging, paper and public email). We allow you to securely share information in support of a variety of "meaningful" use cases such as: Referrals, care coordination, and other provider to person communications.
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What can Cerner Direct enable you to do?

  • Providers can exchange health-related messages such as referral and discharge documents.
  • Health systems can securely deliver lab results and electronic health record (EHR) data.
  • Patients can securely and privately receive personal health information from providers and health systems.

Cerner Direct Inbox

The Cerner Direct Inbox is Cerner's stand-alone web inbox using the Cerner Direct HISP to make Directed exchange possible for every organization. The Inbox is by email invitation only. Reference your email for additional details.
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